Cold Room

Cold Room

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Manufacturer & Supplier of Cold Room. Our product range also comprises of Mobile Blast Freezer, Walk in Cold Room.

Cold Room :

An excellent insulation panel system, manufactured in Cold Room factories under stringent conditions offers great power saving with lesser ON cycle.

  • Excellent air tightness and free of thermal bridges which results on considerable energy savings.
  • In response to current growing needs of the cold chain in India, Cold Room has developed this new range of cold rooms based on application, Customer usage and more important, user friendly operation.
  • The Cold Room team guides you through the selection of the most optimum size and machine requirements for your chilling and freezing & blast freezing requirements.
  • Cold Room & Freezer Room form : +2  Deg C to -40 Deg C 
  • Walk In Cold Storage are wide applicable in Dairy, Milk, Ice cream, Ripening process etc.